1. Earth-ground pigments in aqueous solutions

  2. (diatomaceous aggregates that absorb VOCs)

  3. Incorporates 100% recycled, tumbled and

  4. cleaned glass and cork

  5. Eliminates environmental concerns over quarry

  6. practices and the high shipping and storage

  7. costs associated with large slabs of stone

  1. USDA and FDA-approved for food safety

  2. (unlike granite), with a zero VOC food-safe

  3. approved top coat

  4. Truly low VOCs (volatile organic compounds),

  5. with an organic zero VOC dry formula

  6. architectural coating

  7. No harmful radon gases (unlike marble

  8. and granite)

  9. 100% silica free

Eco Benefits

Safe and Non-toxic, “Green” Materials

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