Unparalleled Durability Under Normal Use

  1. Considerably harder than traditional finishes

  2. and 3 times harder than concrete (9000psi)

  3. Colorfast Earth Pigments and will not fade

  4. Completely impervious to staining

  5. Durable for interior and exterior application

  6. Heat rated to 500 degrees

  7. Will not delaminate, crack, or chip

Breathtaking Beauty and Organic Appeal

  1. Multiple sheens available including a natural

  2. honed marble look

  3. High-end look for a substantially lower cost

  4. No seams (unlike granite or marble)


  1. Can be applied over existing or newly built

  2. counter or table tops, and fireplace mantels

  3. Remarkable bonding properties can be

  4. applied to many surfaces including formica,

  5. laminate, cultured marble, marble, granite,

  6. drywall, tile, wood and concrete.

Aurastone Benefits

Lifetime Guarantee against delamination and color loss

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